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Applato, 是連結醫療和營養需求的平台,結合「行動應用程式」和「餐盤」的意義,依據使用者的生理數據、健康需求、和飲食行為分析, 提供個人化的飲食建議,同時也提供健康相關機構的客製化服務,打造更完整的照護,Applato的專業團隊是由AI工程師、UI/UX設計師、市場行銷顧問、及超過10位合作專科營養師所組成,專注於研發簡單、健康、快樂的飲食管理新方法,協助飲食行為的改善,促進全面的健康管理

Applato, app+plate, is a platform to link medical and nutritional needs together and provide proactive dietary solution to assist healthcare facilities in developing comprehensive service for customers' wellness.  This platform is developed by an integrated team of AI engineers, UI/UX designer, marketing advisor, and more than 10 cooperative specialist dietitians.  Applato focuses on dietary behavior modification to improve health through the application of data analysis and machine learning.  The main goal is to help people eat healthy, eat smart.

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